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Product Description

What Is 4-Andro?

4-Androsterone is a wet, potent anabolic agent which changes into testosterone via a two-step transformation upon absorption. It is a nonmethylated prohormone, which means it has minimal effects or stress on the liver and organs of the user.

How Does 4-Androsterone Work?

After being consumed, 4-Andro enters your bloodstream and converts into testosterone. The compound will start to have a noticeably high anabolic behavior, resulting to size and strength increases while enhancing your sex drive – giving you that incredible “Alpha Male Ecstasy.”

Does 4-Androsterone Require On Cycle Support and PCT?

Yes, you need on cycle support when taking 4-Andro as it can affect your blood pressure. This is also essential for stimulating healthy blood pressure levels.

Likewise, post cycle therapy (PCT) is a vital part of the cycle as it will fundamentally help you retain the results while aiding your body in recovering its regular hormonal balance.

Stacking 4-Andro for Experienced Users

You may stack it with almost any compound or natural anabolic without worrying about any unwanted side effects, but it’s most ideally paired with 1-Andro and Epi-Andro (dry compounds) as these does an excellent job in minimizing or avoiding extra water retention.

One to be taken twice a day


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