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Less than 1g of sugar unbelievable taste

WHEY PROTEIN POWDER 80 is the highest quality, undenatured whey protein on the market today. Our best-selling whey protein concentrate is fast-acting and premium grade with over 80% protein content. Whey Protein Powder 80 is undenatured which means the whey is micro-filtered and NOT heat treated, ensuring the purest possible protein.
Whey protein powder concentrate is ideal for building quality muscle and has an excellent amino acid profile. It is naturally high in BCAA’s and Glutamine.
Low in fat and carbohydrates
Aids muscle size development & definition
Helps improve recovery & muscle repair

What is Whey Protein Concentrate?
premium version of the world’s most popular form of protein shake. The sum and substance of thousands of studies and tests, Whey Protein 80 is renowned for its unrivalled quality. With a biological value (BV) even higher than the finest free-range eggs, chicken or beef, it’s been labelled by the fitness media as, “The protein that changed the world. You simply won’t find a better whey protein in terms of quality, value, flavour, mixability and protein and amino content.

Whey Protein Shake Post Workout
Whey protein powder is the most efficient protein for the human body. Research has shown that out of all the protein sources, whey protein is digested and more easily absorbed than any other protein. Protein has been used extensively for many years by athletes looking to build quality muscle mass and more recently, it has become a key part of supplement programmes for elite athletes and anyone undergoing intensive exercise or training. Whey protein powder, once mixed with water or milk, is also ideal for that “magic hour” post exercise.

The ultimate value of any protein supplement is in its amino acid composition. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. For a protein to be usable in the body, it must first be broken down into shorter amino acid chains. So when you take a protein supplement, the body gets to work breaking down the long protein chains into shorter digestible chains for use in physiological processes such as growth and

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